[The Moment]ep250 ~ Self Coaching and Listening Within
Date:10, June, 2019 8pm
Guest:Angela Spaxman, Senior Personal & Corporate Coach
Host:Esther Lee
Producer Team:Tony Chau, Weller Choi
Venue:Together Radio
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Our body always tells us the truth, and our mind, the great trickster, on the contrary, always fools us, controls us, confuses us, play with us. So, it is very important to challenge our thoughts, our beliefs, whether they are serving us or tricking us, whether they are the truth or just some facts.
Why do we believe what we believe? What do you believe about money? Work? Your body? Relationships? Who told us? Is it the truth when everyone is saying “it” to you? That are our questions.
Angela Spaxman, Canadian, a former Forrest Engineer, came to Hong Kong two decades ago, one of most pioneering and respectable Coaches in Hong Kong, now a Senior Personal & Corporate Coach. Being a coach, a trainer, a teacher, we actually really interested in ourselves, in our mindset. Lately, first time in my life, at the age of 50+, I got Eczema 10 times in three months, while Angela got back pain, shoulder pain and legs pain in various times, seriously enough to draw attention to ourselves, our bodies, our believes.
We have to ask ourselves, what is really going on? What are the emotions we haven’t expressed? Anger? Guilt? Sadness? What are the real issues? Angela will share her insights on what to believe, and what not; and how she treated her back pain and other pain, without too much drama, and visiting doctors. Also, she shared some very interesting and powerful story, to help us understand the Power of Our Mind. Thanks for watching.

“Loving What Is: Four questions That Can Change Your Life” by written by Bryon Katie
“The Mind Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain” by John Sarno
Angela Spaxman

EP250 Self Coaching and Listening Within
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